Cow Mats

Improve the health & longevity of your livestock with rubber stall mats. 

Cow comfort has a direct influence on the longevity and milk production of your dairy cows. While it is important that cows have access to quality feed, water and ventilation, they must also have sound footing and a clean, durable resting surface. 

When cows are able to lie down and rest, blood circulation to the udder rises by almost thirty percent. Hooves can dry and rest while other cows take advantage of more free space. 

Quality cow mats reduce common health conditions including sore hooves, breast inflammation, bruised necks and swollen hocks. Keeping cows comfortable reduces health risks and boosts productivity over a longer lifespan.
Cow Mats Gabel Belting Inc

Cow mats help keep your cows safe & comfortable.

Grooved rubber flooring reduces soreness and leg lesions while keeping hooves healthy. Decreased joint and muscle stress lead to a reduction in fatigue and an increase milk production. Cows spend more time feeding when they are comfortable, which increases feed intake and ultimately increases milk production. Cows prefer soft surfaces for walking and lying down. When they are comfortable and happy, production increases. Our rubber belting ranges from ¾ of an inch to one inch thick to ensure a durable, long lasting product. Our custom cow mats can also withstand all of your heavy equipment including skid loaders and alley scrappers without stretching or ripping. The product includes a steel cable to keep the rubber from buckling, allowing the belt to hug the floor. 

By measuring behavior and monitoring their environment you can track how comfortable your dairy cows are. Call Gabel Belting Inc today to learn more about our rubber cow mats and professional installation of our rubber flooring. Invest in your business today for a lifetime of happier, healthier, & more productive cows.
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