Grooved Rubber Flooring
Gabel Belting Inc offers superior rubber belting for barns. We use steel cables that keep the rubber from stretching and buckling caused by constant livestock traffic and skid steer scraper equipment. The belt stays in place and will last indefinitely as compared to the shorter life of some new manufactured rubber products available today.

Tough and durable cow mats for the comfort of your cows.

Unlike these newer manufactured products, the steel cabled rubber belting has a much greater toughness. This provides for a solid grooved rubber flooring effect that is a safe, popular alternative to concrete in the industry. Whether using skid steer scraper, alley scrappers or flush system, our skilled installation personnel are trained to custom fit the belting to your individual needs.
Grooved Rubber Flooring - Gabel Belting Inc.

  Cow Mats

We apply and secure belting on top of the concrete in existing operations or recess the belt in the concrete when applying to new barn constructions. Our 10-year full warranty covers only the rubber belt if it wears out.

*Accidents are not covered*
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