Rubber Alley Mats

About Our Rubber Stall Mats:

Alley mats are one of the best all-purpose flooring options for any farm or ranch. Our rubber mats are made from used conveyor belt from the mining industry, which has steel reinforcement to keep it from stretching. At our facility we put the grooves in the conveyor belt before we send it out to you. 

This product serves as heavy-duty grooved rubber flooring for high traffic areas that maximize cow comfort while offering low maintenance, long-lasting durability.

Cow mats & grooved rubber flooring ensure comfort for your cattle.

Our alley mats offer excellent grip with a soft texture, making them ideal for walkways and passageways. Our products are designed to provide maximum stability for your cattle even after years of use.

Investing in alley mats significantly reduces accidents and permanent damage to some of your cattle. Both pliable and flexible, our alley mats are available in a variety thicknesses, lengths, and custom cuts to best suit your needs.

Cattle Lameness:

Lameness has proven detrimental effects to cattle’s productivity and fertility as well as the economics of dairy farms.
One of the most significant and costly issues in the dairy industry, cattle lameness (or mobility problems) can include hoof conditions, bruises, cuts, sores hock damage and more. Alley mats and grooved rubber have a positive effect on the mobility of dairy cows with proper traction allowing dairy cows their full range of motion when walking.

Genuine Rubber Mats:

Regardless of the weight, tread and temperature our cow mats may endure, they are resistant to cracking, peeling and crumbling. At Gabel Belting Inc, we’re dedicated to providing you with a lasting, quality product.

Call Gabel Belting Inc today to learn more about alley mats, grooved rubber flooring and cow mats.

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