Stall Mats

Keeping your livestock comfortable since 1974!

If you keep horses or any livestock in a stall, you can keep them comfortable with rubber stall mats from Gabel Belting Inc. Stall mats can be laid down easily and they provide the comfort your animals are looking for. Our mats have a soft, cool texture that’s perfect for animals looking to lie down after a day in the sun.

The convenient thing about our rubber stall mats is that they require little maintenance. Their rubber texture means they don’t have to be vacuumed or mopped in order to be cleaned. They create comfortable atmosphere and are easy to clean.
Rubber Stall Mats Gabel Belting Inc

Durable Rubber Stall Mats & Grooved Rubber Flooring Products

An animal that is comfortable and healthy is a happy one. Gabel Belting Inc.’s stall mats are made of elastic rubber and offer the soft surface your animals will want to feel comfortable in their stalls. Our mats are much more comfortable than wood or concrete flooring. 

Call Gabel Belting Inc. to install stall mats your horse or livestock will love. We can keep your animals comfortable, which will result in a more productive animal for you. Ask us for help adding rubber floor mats to your stalls. 
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