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Cow Mats, Grooved Rubber Flooring, Horse Stall Mats & More

As a dairy producer, you want to ensure that your cows are in the right environment that will help them live healthier and increase their productivity. As a horse owner, you want to ensure that your horses are comfortable. An added bonus to our horse stall mats is that they repel water which keeps the stall cleaner. If you want to enhance cow comfort in your barn or keep your horses happy, then Gabel Belting Inc in Chaffee, NY is here to help you. We offer high quality rubber belting, cow mats, grooved rubber flooring & more to customers in the United States and Canada. To find out more about the benefits of our livestock mats, give us a call today!
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Rubber Stall Mats You Can Count On

With his 40 years of experience, Bob Gabel has perfected a method to reclaim used rubber conveyor belt from the mining industry. This rubber belting is made by using the highest quality rubber and bonding it to steel cables which run laterally through the belt. 

This process produces a product which is very unique for providing rubber flooring in dairy and horse operations. Rubber flooring greatly reduces concrete stress related to problems occurring in the legs and feet of cows confined to free stall dairy facilities.

When not using rubber belting you are:
  • Increasing Foot & Leg Stress
  • Leads to the Development of Hoof Lesions
  • Damages the Underlying Hoof Structures

Grooved Rubber Flooring

Once the belt is reclaimed from the mine, it is shipped to our processing yard in Chaffee, NY. With machines developed by Bob Gabel in Chaffee, the belts are processed and prepared. The conveyor belts are passed through a grooving machine which greatly improves the footing for the animals once it is installed in the typically wet environment of free stall operations.

The belt is sized for a custom fit once it arrives at the farm to be installed in the feeder alleys and milk holding area. Gabel Belting Inc with their professionally trained crew personally installs your cow mats to their satisfaction and yours.
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