Benefits of Rubber Stall Mats

Rubber Alley Mats For Cows

Cows need to walk an average of 1.7-2.3 miles every day to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Studies prove that cows will show improvement in mobility when they are exposed to flooring that has higher friction. When flooring is too rough, your cows will start to show signs of discomfort in their attitude and mobility. That is why cow mats are crucial in helping your calves from falling and getting hurt.

Cow mats are also crucial to dairy production; your cows need to be as comfortable as possible if you want to get the most out of them. The better your mats are, and the more comfortable your cows are, the more you get from them in return. Cow mats can help eliminate the cold and humidity from concrete floors; this in return will help prevent your cows from getting fatigued.

Horse Stall Mats

There are a variety of reasons to utilize horse stall mats, the number one reason being comfort. The soft nature of the the rubber mat offers a comfortable place for horses to lie which alleviates joint and hoof injuries that are caused by jarring or bumping on a hard surface. In addition, the rubber horse stall mats provide excellent grip to prevent injuries from slipping and falling. An added bonus is that the mats provide more warmth than conventional concrete or dirt floors. 

One of the best benefits of having rubber stall mats for your horses is that they are easy to wash and disinfect, adding to the overall health and safety of your horses. 

Rubber Stall Mats Gabel Belting, Inc

Rubber Alley Mats

Gabel Belting Inc in Chaffee, NY is home to the finest rubber belting for barns and horse stalls. If you’re looking for production increases, then providing your cows with a clean, comfortable place to stand and lay is extremely important. In this day and age, installing rubber stall mats to your stable and stalls is imperative to dairy cow production, livestock longevity and over all comfort of your animals.  Our horse & cow mats are affordable and durable.

Overall, you want your livestock to spend more time standing on rubber flooring, rather than concrete flooring. If you’re looking to get the most out of your livestock investments, contact Gabel Belting Inc today!

Why Our Rubber Belting is Superior:

  • 3/4” to 1" thick
  • Long lasting – lifetime
  • Does not stretch
  • Tough – withstands punishment of skid loaders and alley scrappers
  • Excellent performance in sand bedded operations
  • Steel cable allows belt to hug the floor providing a solid rubber floor effect
  • Provides excellent surface for flush systems
  • New cross groove pattern
  • Increases traction

Benefits of Rubber Flooring in Barns & Horse Stalls:

  • Major reductions in foot and leg lesions and soreness
  • Reduces fatigue from standing on concrete
  • Increases cow performance and longevity
  • Cows will spend more time at feed bunk which Increases dry matter intake, resulting in more milk
  • Reduces foot doctor time
  • Saves on bedding requirements in horse stalls
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